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Foot & Ankle Surgery

When non-surgical treatments fail to correct the problem and relieve symptoms, surgery is an option.  The Doctors are very experienced in the latest and most effective methods of surgically repairing Foot and Ankle problems.  Many of these surgeries are Minimally Invasive. This means that they can be performed through small incisions to reduce post-operative pain and scarring and to promote quicker healing.

Common Foot & Ankle Surgeries

Bunion correction

Hammertoe correction

Neuroma removal

Plantar fascia release

Achilles tendon repair

Arthroscopy of the Foot and Ankle

Ankle Stabilization

Foot and Ankle Tendon repair

Foot and Ankle Fracture repair

Foot and Ankle Arthritis repair

Foot and Ankle Bone Spur removal

Foot and Ankle Cyst and Mass removal


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Foot & Ankle Surgery
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